UFO claims over Marbella Costa Del Sol


A NUMBER of expats have come forward to claim that a series of low-flying military jets that awoke the Costa del Sol may have been chasing a UFO.

The residents of Benahavis and Estepona – where a trio of fighter jets undertook their mysterious 5am sortie on Easter Sunday – believe that the planes may have been tailing an “alien craft”.

While the authorities refused to comment on the incident, the Olive Press has been inundated with calls and emails from concerned residents.

One British reader, who asked to remain anonymous, told the paper this weekend: “It was terrifying. They were clearly tailing this strange-looking craft.

“I cannot describe what it was, but it was long and thin and had flashing lights. It was definitely not a plane or helicopter.

“It made a very strange sound and moved slowly before suddenly shooting off at top speed.”

Her neighbour Alison Woods, who is married to a former RAF engineer, added: “It was a eerily humming sound, nothing I have ever witnessed before.

“We have lived on various RAF bases in UK and abroad. It was the most bizarre sound, not easy to explain.”

Another revealed that when he had reported the strange goings on to police, they had acted “suspiciously”.

The incident came just days before another mystery incident over Bath, in the UK, where locals claim to have seen a long thin-shaped craft chased by military jets.

The Olive Press is now investigating if there could be any links between the two apparent UFO sightings.

The midnight mystery left expats fearing that one of the planes was going to crash.

One ex-military English pilot insisted the aircraft may have been offering military assistance to civilian authorities for illegal criminal activity such as drug dealing or terrorism.

“The helicopter could have been backing them up,” he insisted.

“No pilot in his right mind would fly low and at night in mountainous area for fun or to show off.”

Meanwhile, Geoff Jones, a resident of the Costa de Sol who witnessed the unidentified aircraft flying ‘erratically’ around 5am on Easter Sunday, insisted someone needed to get to the bottom of it.


“Night exercise by any military flying operations are not authorised over built up areas, day or night,” he added.

When contacted by the Olive Press, a spokesman for Malaga Airport’s operations centre said: “We can’t give any information about those types of flights.”

When pushed as to the reason why, the spokesman declined to comment.

A spokesman for Gibraltar Airport said they were not aware of the incident as Gibraltar air space – which is only open from 8am to 9pm – was closed at the time.

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  • DanBoland

    I was a witness, the JET, (one of them) flew over our house, ducking and diving several times (we live in Estepona Spain) only 600 feet at times, it was a clear night, there was 100% only one jet, then the sound of a helicopter, but it didnt have lights on. the theory is that the helicopter was carrying drugs and the jet was sent to track and scare it. There are other theories like… Putin’s house in the hills was under attack, in anycase I wish it was a UFO but sadly not. one jet, and one helicopter making a butt load of noise while we tried to sleep. you will also see my father Maurice in the article who is even higher up than I am with a better view only saw one jet.