Ghost Town – Plymouth, Montserrat No Comments

Plymouth Ghost town Plymouth was abandoned in 1997 due to volcanic eruptions. Location of Plymouth within Montserrat Country United Kingdom Overseas territory Montserrat Population (2007)  • Total 0 (City completely evacuated due to volcanic eruption) Time zone Atlantic (UTC-4) Plymouth was the capital of

Very well behaved ghost of Viman Nagar Gangapuram society No Comments

In Viman Nagar Gangapuram society, one can hardly imagine as haunted. It is really not so called haunted. Though in some incidents people get panicked various times. But the ghost

Paranormal hunters claim to ‘prove ghost exist’ with unexplained photo! No Comments

Spook chasers Jodie Carman and Chris Hunter claim “the figure’s head and shoulders can clearly be made out in seats a few rows in front of her” and appeared after

The deserted streets of Pripyat – the most famous nuclear ghost town No Comments

Pripyat При́п'ять City of regional significance Pripyat Pripyat Coordinates: 51°24′17″N 30°03′25″E Country  Ukraine Oblast Kyiv Oblast Raion Chernobyl Raion (1923–1988) Founded 4 February 1970 City rights 1979 Government  • Administration State Agency of Ukraine on the Exclusion Zone Management Population (2015)  • Total 0 Time zone EET (UTC+2)  • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3) Postal code none (formerly 01196) Area code(s) +380 4499 Pripyat