Did President Eisenhower meet with aliens? No Comments

President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former Pentagon consultant claims Ex-President met with extra-terrestrials on three separate occasions at New Mexico air base Eisenhower and FBI officials organised the meetings

The UFO Files: Tony Blair briefed on alien defence policy 2 Comments

The British Government have confirmed Alien contact briefings have taken place. Tony Blair was so concerned about the disclosure of classified information on   extra-terrestrials when he was Prime Minister he received

2013 – Alien Contact date ? 37 Comments

2013 - Alien Contact proof ? Its a good job the world did not end as the Mayan doomsday believers had claimed! - especially as we have now found evidence for

Alien Invasion – The 1942 ‘Battle of Los Angeles’ No Comments

  Alien Invasion - The 1942 ‘Battle of Los Angeles’ Five years before Roswell, five years before pilot Kenneth Arnold’s landmark sightings of “flying saucers” in the Pacific Northwest, 3 years before

Obama to save us from Alien Attack!! 2 Comments

If the Earth ever is attacked by hostile beings from another planet, a strong majority of voters believe Mr. Obama would be superior in dealing with the situation. In what may