Pyramids Contain Alien Technology – Proof


UFO Aliens may have helped build Pyramids of Giza says, Cairo university archeologist

Head of the Cairo University  Archaeology Department, Dr Ala Shaheen in December 2010 had told an audience that there might be truth to the theory that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build the oldest of pyramids, the Pyramids of Giza.
On being further questioned by Mr Marek Novak, a delegate from Poland as to whether the pyramid might still contain alien technology or even a UFO with its structure, Dr Shaheen, was vague and replied “I can not confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is “not of this world”.
Delegates to the conference on ancient Egyptian architecture were left shocked, however Dr Shaheen had refused to comment further or elaborate on his UFO and alien related statements.
The Secret KGB UFO Files documentary, that’s deals with the fact that  Russian had already discovered the tomb of Alien Humanoid in Egypt and something is beneath the pyramid. The Secret KGB UFO Files documentary interestingly supporting the head of the Cairo University  Archaeology Department, Dr Ala Shaheen claim as well.
Actually ancient Egyptian writings very often talk of beings from the sky, the sky opening and bright lights coming down to teach them technology and give them wisdom. Many pictures and symbols resemble UFOs and aliens. POSSIBLY aliens built the Great Pyramid. And these solid long lasting construction techniques were adopted by the Egyptians.
Ancient Egyptian legends tell of Tep Zepi, or the “first time”. This is described as an age when “sky gods” came down to Earth and raised the land from mud and water.
They supposedly flew through the air in flying “boats” and brought laws and wisdom to man through a royal line of Pharaohs. And of course, this was all thrown out the window when Christianity came along. Keep in mind that the Gods were the one and only ‘religion’ that there was. No other conflicting beliefs? Why? Well because it was fact, not faith.
The modern church would have you believe that’s it’s just a myth. But you have to ask yourself on the edge of Occam razor, what truly indeed is more likely?



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  • Paul Gordon

    i have seen many stories about Aliens and the pyramids, I think something is true about these

  • Alan Williams

    the government is a piece of paper. people create the paper by forcing its laws and in fact is the only thing physical about a company outside of its land and/or building worth. people working for the government must be held accountable. for as you claim ‘hating” the government is like hating a file in a? filing cabinet, but not those who are doing what they are told because of that file. you must hold people accountable since that is what you are facing resistance from

  • Soundknowledge

    Why? would they go to the trouble to create the pyramids to assist, I must assume, other ships in arriving at a designation they themselves had already arrived at. I am sure they had Navigation system much better than my GPS in my car and I can store destinations that I’ve logged months ago.This looks more like a US Propaganda film !
    The current theory is UFO are interdimensional called “Interdimensional hypothesis” or EDH

  • Sarah Murray

    I knew it, ET Washington behind these things. I also think aliens had something to do with those lines in china.