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Proof of time travel can be found in many historical records and photographs.  Lets starts our CIS investigation with the steam punk time traveller. (Above)

When: 1905 Who: a punk rocker. This guy was clearly a total amateur. He doesn’t look anything like anyone else in the photo! He’s got the Mohawk haircut (and whoever heard of Mohawks on white guys before 1970?), plus he’s wearing a white short sleeved shirt and everyone else is in long sleeves and jackets and hats. Given the popularity of the haircut in the 1970s, actually, we’d argue that this time traveler probably traveled to 1905 from the 1970s.  Who knew they had time travel back then?

Personally, though, we’re more concerned about that guy who is kind of in front of him and more in the foreground. He’s wearing a hat but his hair looks like it’s got a big vein in it, like he’s got a giant head with huge veins that he is concealing with a hat. To us, he looks like a Talosian, those guys from the Star Trek episode The Menagerie/The Cage! That’s right, it’s a time traveling alien!

A Time Travelling hipster! This is the famous photograph that started the new craze for looking for time travelers in old photographs. This hipster’s got totally cool wraparound glasses, is wearing a faded old silkscreened t-shirt of the sort not made until the 1970s (when Forrest Gump popularized them), has a pocket-size digital camera around his neck, and a modern haircut. He’s also quite a bit taller than the people surrounding him, reflecting the greater height people have today.

Who does he think he’s fooling?   It’s the short description for the photograph shown at the virtual Bralorne Pioneer Museum, from British Columbia, Canada. The image can be seen above, among other items of the online exhibit. Did you notice anything out of place? Or perhaps, out of time?

The man with what appears to be very modern sunglasses seems to be wearing a stamped T-shirt with a nice sweater, all the while holding a portable compact camera! Internet people reached to the obvious conclusion: it’s a time traveller caught on camera on 1940! Finally, we have proof! If the story seems straight out of a movie and the photo is in itself a great funny find, the most amusing thing i came up with while looking into this – as an Internet person, on the Internet – was the reply for a skeptical, or perhaps somewhat cynical comment on how spurious it would seem the idea that a time traveler would want to visit the reopening of a bridge in some small town in Canada.

Read this on Doc Brown’s voice: “Of course, because we know nothing happened there right? But if we are considering time travel, how can we know if in some other timeline something historical happened right there?” Indeed! Once you consider time travel, everything changes. But before writing Hollywood scripts, let’s get back to reality and ask again: is the photo evidence of a time traveller?

In a behind the scenes footage, part of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Circus”  – A large woman dressed in black with a hat hiding most of her face, with what can only be described as a mobile phone device – talking as she walks alone. I have studied this film for over a year now – showing it to over 100 people and at a film festival, yet no-one can give any explanation as to what she is doing. My only theory many others – is simple… a time traveler on a mobile phone.” Here is the actual video for a better look at this unexplained mystery

Here is photo of what looks like an astronaut on a pillar at Salamanca Cathedral Church, which was started in the 1600’s and finished in the 1800’s. Wow, it looks like an astronaut to me. If it isn’t an astronaut, what could it be that they carved into this pillar? What else might it represent?  Read: The Mystery of John Tito, time traveler


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  • Greg56o

    That last picture is awesome, check out the moon boots. How old is it? That has to be the best proof that some future space man travelled in time, and has his presence recorded on cathedral.

    The other pictures are just funny

    • zakflip

      The astronaut was added in 1992 during restoration work on the cathedral, to represent the new work carried out in modern times.

  • Sbird407

    This is sad. OK-I hate to shock everyone but those “wrap around sunglasses” have been around since the late thirties. Oh by the way, they really arent wrap arounds. They are regular dark glasses with sides, which were and still are common. The “astronaut” on the church pillar is actally a diver, a ocean diver. Yes, they had shoes like those depicted on the carving back in the 19th century. And yes people dived in the early 19th century in the exact equipment that is depected.

    • Sister Morphine

      ill have to give that one the doubt privilege. I think he’s got a hoodie, though rackger it’s right, it would be lame to travel in time just to watch a gay bridge openning

    • AK Oldman

      No the astronaut is really an astronaut. It was put there during a restoration in 1992.

  • Capone316

    Greg your an idiot that was added to the church in 1992 or do you believe everything you read.

    • Grimiss

      where you there when the space suit was added? if not, how do you know… you must have read that somewhere… pot, kettle, black?

  • Rackger

    No time traveller would go to a gay bridge opening

    • Electric Nunez ll

      No, see, you’re wrong there, you would go to what would have been considered a big gay deal in those days. By the looks of the people in the photograph, this was a big deal.
      Plus it would be like totally ironic for a hipster time traveler to go to something boring and dumb rather than place themselves at the scene of some real exciting shit like the assassination of an important historical figure, etc. Plus it might draw too much attention.
      Time travelling may not be possible (yet), but true Hipsterism is timeless, ok.

  • Kym

    The astronaut carving was done in 1992 as part of the restoration work by the mason, Jeronimo Garcia. It is his personal signature piece.

    • Alex

      Ahh – that’s one time travel proof blown away.

      Shame because it was my fav.

      • Electric Nunez ll

        Not so fast- see my rebuttal, my good man…

    • Electric Nunez ll

      Yeah, ok “Kym” or whatever your name is, you can peddle that fabricated version of events all you like, but some of us ain’t buying.

      My much more plausible narrative, verified by unimpeachable, yet unnamed & shadowy sources, goes something like this:

      The time travelers went to the 1600’s and transported one of the artisans working on the cathedral to 1992 (our timeline), planted in his brain the image of an astronaut and instructed him to carve it into the relief. All the while the artist thinks he is experiencing a divinely inspired image that God instructed him to inscribe. He was then left here in our time with a new name: “Jeronimo Garcia”. (I mean seriously, isn’t that name alone a dead giveaway that something was up?)

      If Garcia starts talking about his experiences, well, nowadays some freakazoid eccentric artist babbling about being transported from the past by time travelers doesn’t raise an eyebrow. Probably helps his “creative genius” image, in fact. Perfect cover.

      Don’t you see? People of the 1600’s thinks the image was a revelation from the heavens, people of our time just think its a garden-variety spaceman dude carved by a contemporary. Only true TT’s see it for what it is: a chronological “signpost” , an “I was here” marker for TT’s to go by when travelling to and fro in time. Airtight, y’all.

  • Jalen

    Even if there is a person who time travelled in the Chaplin video, and she did have a cell phone, who would she be talking to?! Why would it be up to her ear? Even if she had time traveling friends, there would need to be cell phone towers in place and satellites to relay the call. Most ridiculous website I’ve ever seen.

    • Sister Morphine

      holy shit, you totally read my mind, you travel in time and stole my words!! jajaja

    • DuckyVader

      The Doctor can turn a regular cell phone into one that can make calls through time and space. If they can send a human through time what makes you think they can’t send a simple phone call through time also?

      • Simon Dibos

        well said DuckyVader – really some people think time travellers have no way to contact home ? as if they would come all this way with no way to call home…..

    • Time Traveller

      satellite phone doesnt require cell phone tower. secondly if she was a time traveller and if she was from let say 2050 then r u sure he need such type of “celluar tower” technology to communicate…hahaha….dont crack such type of joke again. Lets see for e.g. if you born in technology of x286 computer having 10 MB or RAM you cant understand those game run on core i7 with GBs of Hard Disk space. (From Time Traveller)

      • pp

        Satellites right? In the 1920’s.

  • vile

    the cellphone was actually debunked, it’s just a hearing device from the 20’s (a very bulky one i must say)

    • Jack

      The woman with what appears to be a cell phone is not talking to anyone. In those days, everyone had an earache or toothache or both and that’s what she has. No relay tower, no cell phone chat. UNLESS she is part of a wireless experiment and try to talk with someone nearby. And the guy in the 1940’s photo is a computer manipulation. Anyone with a computer can plop anyone’s face into an image. Try Photoshop. Easy. But forget time traveling.

  • jayson Teeman

    Time traveller on a mobile phone. In a time with no cell towers. Give me a break.

  • dinges

    steam punk time traveller, the strange effect on the bench-isch thing is far more pusseling to me, it is like a person with a hat is/ shrinking .. ?!

  • jeremykeller

    Wasn’t the “Time Travelling hipster” really wearing a baseball shirt? I believe it’s been suggested that he was and that the type of sunglasses he was wearing were not really out of place at the time. Could this really be some sort of funny hoax?
    As yet I’ve found no conclusive evidence to suggest that travelling in the opposite direction in the 4th dimension is a possibility. If not then, having watched Back to the Future, maybe it’s just as well. As for the other 3 dimensions, well, I would like our solar system to be thoroughly explored.
    I am featured on the BBC website and anxious to bring my weblinks to everyone’s attention. By visiting Google and typing in JEREMY KELLER you should see both JEREMY KELLER BBC and JEREMY KELLER FLYING CAR appear on the screen.

    • Admin

      The famous Jeremy Keller, perhaps you can be featured on our cool interesting site?

      • jeremykeller

        What do I do to be featured in this “cool interesting” site?
        Anyway, what about the person in the Charlie Chaplin film? How could she have been using a mobile phone if there were no towers and satellites in place to relay the call? I would like an explanation as to what this person was really doing. I believe I’ve also watched 2 videos on YouTube showing appearing to use a mobile phone in 1938. Perhaps eventually an explanation will be found.
        Anyway, have you seen my BBC link and read my comments on Facebook?

        • Admin

          Jeremy, if you pm us via facebook, we can give you info on having your articles featured here.

          • jeremykeller

            What exactly do I have to do to “pm” you via Facebook? I’ve found a Disqus site on Facebook and tried commenting on it.

          • Admin

            Like our Facebook above – the CIS then we can send you details via Facebook

          • jeremykeller

            Sorry I still don’t understand what I have to do. I have found a site on Facebook with the name Disqus. Have you read what I had to say?

        • Time Traveller

          satellite phone doesnt require cell phone tower. secondly if she was a time traveller and if she was from let say 2050 then r u sure she need such type of “cellular tower” technology to communicate….. Lets see for e.g. if you born in technology of x286 computer having 10 MB of HDD you cant understand those games run on core i7 which requires GBs of Hard Disk space. (From Time Traveller)

        • jeremykeller

          Yes, maybe she (or he) was from the year 2050. Then a cell phone tower probably wouldn’t be needed. However, you have stated that it could’ve been a satellite phone. So wouldn’t a satellite have been required to relay the call? On the other hand, maybe not even a satellite was required to relay the call. I believe somebody earlier stated that both a satellite and tower wouldn’t been needed for the call.
          Anyway, have you seen my BBC link and read my comments on Facebook?

  • Kris

    This site is for idiots. Conspiracy theories behave like religions for they are beliefs. Even denying a conspiracy tends to “prove a cover-up exists” to their believers regardless if nothing is going on to begin with. Similar to how scientific facts don’t stop fools from going to church and insist the entire universe is only 6000 years old. As with any belief your mind begins to perceive “proof” everywhere you look. And that is the case with every example on this page…you see what you want to see. What is worse is whoever put this “proof” together has little grasp of history and uses examples from Doctor Who, a BBC sci-fi TV show, to defend his/her beliefs. Seriously moronic. I dearly hope you realize Doctor Who is merely entertainment. Best advice is to get psych help, mature a bit and get an education not based on only time traveling cell phone users.

    • milkman

      are you ok Kris? – do you not get that this is a lighthearted site?

  • lemon

    in the Charlie Video that would be a Hearing aid back in the days they where big and you had to hold them up to the ear no cell phone here and if ysomeone really would have researched a Picture and the time i think you would have find that out im not very old mid twenties and i know that

  • Khalil cirej


    • Kris

      Nice nice baby

  • Ryan Coke

    Any legit time traveler would always go to the opening night of Star Wars first and foremost haha.

    • Leslie.ash

      I think they would skip Star Wars and head to the bridge opening, that in another dimension just happens to be a time worm hole

  • Bea Houseoffashion

    haven’t you all ever learned that there is nothing new under the sun?

  • Grim Jim

    Mohawk guy is just a guy with really short hair, probs cut short to stop lice as he’s on a boat working around imported cargo.
    Hipster guy is just a pretty cool guy with some of the first model sunglasses ever, they were real thing.
    No idea what that extra was talking into though i wanna say she had nothing and was just crazy talking to her hand, or that the scene was done later and she’s just a bad extra. But yea pretty weird.

  • Samantha

    I don’t care about the Mohawk, What is the little boy holding in his hand!? ( shipyard pic)

    • Soloal

      What boy?

    • lovedocs

      What boy?

      • Samantha

        Sorry he’s not little but he looks younger, the one wearing a white hat and long sleeved shirt.. It’s probably just a brick lol

        • Milkman

          That’s just an ipad mini in his hand

        • lovedocs

          As milkman said – it’s an ipad

          • Samantha

            lol :)

  • Chyanne7

    Well actully the women on the phone might be search on bing time travel u will find blue prints so yea

  • GrandMuffMerkin

    The guy on the ship is obviously Travis Bickle from the future.

  • Octavia

    I think the lady in the Chaplin video was just adjusting the back of a screw-back earring. They can be very uncomfortable if too tight and easily fall off if they are too loose, so it would take some time to get it just right. Adjusting a screw-back earring would use a similar hand position and would take a minimum of hand movement. She was probably talking to the man in front of her telling him to slow down and wait for her while she adjusted her earring. Being her husband and being tired of her nagging he probably just continued on his way. The guy watching the bridge thing, camera just looks like an older camera and couldn’t the shirt he is wearing be some type of older football, rugby or lettermen jersey of the time. I don’t think any of the pictures depict time travellers. Sad, cause I really want to believe…

  • oh5naps

    Time Travel? did you guys see the black guy in the right corner :0
    way kool…lol