Obama to make UFO Alien disclouser soon ?



What will President Obama tell us this year about Aliens and UFO’s? as the race for the white house steps up?

Many suggest the October Surprise will be Alien Disclosuer!


UFO disclosure is not an easy subject for many Governments around the world, although it is true that the Mexican Government is actively seeking an answer to what exactly is going on in the skies of Mexico. Just what are the objects that keep buzzing aircraft and illuminating the atmosphere?

The Mexican Government are actively seeking answers from the American Administration, mainly as a security precaution but the US are not forthcoming with the answers as of yet. The Obama Administration has been quoted as saying the objects “are not ours!”

US President Obama may actually know a little more than what he is letting on with regard to UFO’s, in fact Mr. Obama after being questioned in respect to if he would let the world know if he knew about Alien life, stated, “well that depends on what the Aliens were actually like.”

Analyzing President Obama’s statement you would be forgiven for thinking that the Government would actually put up a veil of secrets if Extraterrestrials are not very friendly.


Obama has also shirked on the question before, stating, “I know there is life here on Earth that we need to look after first!”

Again if you analyze those words you can look at them two ways:

1. The Obama Administration does actually know of life beyond our planet, but we need to have a secure and peaceful planet before any disclosure is made – this could be at the request of ET.

2. There is no hard evidence although if and when contact is made he will actually say something.

There is a lot of speculation that President Obama is going to make an announcement in 2013 as was in 2012 with regards to disclosure that the Earth has indeed been visited by Alien life for a great many years.

It is also widely tipped that UFO disclosure is going to be very subtle and has been during 2011 and 2012, and may even go unnoticed by many people in 2013.

There are many reasons why disclosure of UFO’s and Aliens would have to be gradual and subtle, one of those is the fear that religion (a mainstay of the global economy) would not be able to explain or answer to its following. How does religion explain life other than on Earth? It can’t without backtracking on its fundamental principles.

It seems that once such religious issues have been addressed, then Alien Disclosure will in fact be there for everyone to mull over.

President Obama’s disclosure statement either very well edited or at full on face value is an interesting and debatable subject. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the NSA, NASA, CIA, FBI and the US Government do actually know more than what they are saying. You only have to read archived journals, newspapers, internet articles and watch a multitude of videos on YouTube to see plainly something is going on.


Source: YAHOO

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  • Are you stupid?

    There are at least 50 levels of secrecy within the government above the president himself
    what makes you think HE has the right to disclose aliens? He cant, and he doesn’t have any power to do otherwise.

    • I Come From The Future

      50 levels of security, but Obama is the spokesman.

    • Lard.gotlf

      I think he will drop some clues, even if he has no power…

    • amyl29

      they want the people in the dark, to further their own agenda. and leave the ‘old school’ or traditional and believe their world view or ‘truth’ when in reality it isn’t truth at all. out

      • …you know what is interesting Amy…nobody ever hired me to come here and try to save YOUR world…in fact I have a very simple job that sometimes doesn’t pay me enough money to have food…remember Amy…I was made a slave my entire life…slaves don’t get hired for normal jobs. The only reason IAM here is because I know what IS happening to your world… TOTAL SLAVERY…including YOU and YOUR family….there only will be 1% left with freedom. Is the worse that could ever happen to the human race.
        In a few years from now you will remember me…IF nobody have the courage to change the path of destruction that IS right now ending with your country and the world.
        I AM who I am…yes I have the same blood as the 1% up there but I chose to stay down here and help the Human Race…and no..nobody is paying me for to risk my life every minute of the day for this. The only reason I am here telling YOU and everyone else the TRUTH about what IS happening IS BECAUSE I CARE.

        • lovedocs

          Are you saying your an alien then?

          • …maybe

          • lovedocs

            Do you come in peace?

          • …stupid questions like this with second intentional meaning…do NOT deserve an answer… clean up your life. I

      • lovedocs

        For sure, the truth will be told soon – it’s only a matter of time!

  • Alek DS

    they have landed……………..

    • Seth

      they’ve always landed, you listen to media then say WOW THEY SAID IT, must mean its brand new information..i’ve actually noticed that most media get their information later than true sources

      • amyl29

        the media doesn’t want to tell people the truth. they want to have their lil secret club to feel important or cause they think ppl cant’ handle it or whatever motive they may have to further their agenda. it’s like they have Lucifer whispering in their ear telling them what to do or say
        instead they go with the ‘ufo stuff’ oh that’s just an unidentified flyin object! yea that came from outerspace, sure it did liar.

  • Richlaw84

    first off, preachers do not teach what the bible actually tells. The bible talks bout aliens. if ppl would actually read the bible for themselves and understand that these writings were written in a simple language and simple symbolism then ppl would understand it. our problem as a whole is we are too lazy to do anything for ourselves so we go and sit and listen to some guy or gal to tell u what it says. First of all, HELL means grave, if your child disobeyed would you stick his/her hand in fire for even 5 seconds?no,not if ur sane..remember,no man is better than God or has better morals.another thing is, the bible tells us that satan was cast out of the heavens and onto earth.”woe to the earth”. when jesus resurected his good friend Lazarus,He did not say how great heaven was or how awful hell was.the bible plainly says death is like sleep.second , Jesus is not to be worshipped and is not the all mighty God(its in mathew and revelations). third, the bible plainly tells us that right now ,satan is running this system.God has stepped back to let satan make a fool out of himself(teacher vs student scenior). fourth, God does not test us. satan is testing us. ppl you say u do research, but if u did then u would know the real truth. Yes ET is real and if you read the bible , you would know this for urself already. Know that revelation talks about a coming of an antichrist. it uses a lot of symbolisms and the antichrist could mean more than one being. READ IT FOR YOURSELF AND STOP SPECULATING AND LISTENING TO IGNORANT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • amyl29

      why do they even put on a charade and make people who believe in the truth look nuts or wrong? and these guys even probably know the truth yet they want to make everybody else look bad if they believe it or know it?
      look, we know it isn’t ‘et’ or aliens, it’s demons and it’s just a matter of time as to when mr Obama or whomever is going to admit what’s going on, im surprised nobody has yet. Obama may even have something to do with this stuff, or maybe he dosent , who knows, but it is happening and it dosent seem likely it’s aliens.
      what’s the point of this whole nasa/ scientist/ skeptic ufo charade anyway? why even attempt to fool the people or try to
      everything they’ve conditioned the public to believe to be ‘nuts’ is really true, but if they want to go that route they’d also have to say the bible was off. which they have of course, everything points to these guys being luciferian or liars , which is it?

  • nick

    everyone should research PROJECT SOLAR WARDEN.. 1980 ship to ship transfer us government!!!

    • Seth

      prime example of such crazy assumptions..you speak of this, but provide no information why this would happen. can you think of one? because I can’t.. Our planet is precious why would anyone want to leave? expand ya brain

  • William I see aliens!

    2014 alien disclosure 2015 alien contact. 2018 alien war

    • Seth

      why would aliens want war? if they are capable of such technoology they would have settled peace before destroying themselves, there’s a reason they are more advanced, they understand more than just a materialistic world, which we should all know means nothing, but instead everyone feels that it does

      • James ironMan

        Don’t think they would want war, we would likely start it!

      • Aliens want to enslave the entire human race… they ARE already doing that… there is a very scary and ugly agenda ON schedule …some organizations are desperate to get in with the ones that will be in command and control of the rest… they are committing terrible crimes to please the ones one the very top in hopes they don’t remain slaves for the rest of their life’s… very few of the ones working for the ones one the top have the courage to fight back and resist AND save their world. So as a result of that they are selling their world to a very very evil race of ALIENS. The TRUTH.

        • The Aliens don’t need to have any kind of conventional war with humans… they ARE implanting microchips in everyone… that IS the way the war IS happening… WW3 but very different than the last one… was Hitler’s dream to do EXACTLY what IS been done to the human race right now. The MK ULTRA – Mind Control technology IS here…in not a thing of the future… IS HERE.. they have been testing the technology USING innocent people from everywhere… IAM one of the victims…since almost 50 of my life.. IS the TRUTH.

      • amyl29

        you notice how much they dislike humans? interesting how similar they are to another subject or ‘myth’ as the professionals like to call the truth.

  • I am looking forward to the world TRUTH… Will bring light to a planet that has been made slaves of deception. The TRUTH WILL set us FREE.and that IS going to prove to be the most important event in history of humanity. Mr. President Obama.. bring the life and light back to the human kind.

    • I have Alien DNA… but I was made a slave CIA/

    • I have Alien DNA but I was made a slave my entire life by the CIA evil illuminati men…he used me my entire life for the CIA/MK-ULTRA experiments.. He took my entire life away from me…I want that back…..he just sent me a message saying he defeated me yesterday …he closed my Tweeter account my only way to ask for help and justice.

      • What you did to me making me your MK ULTRA slave …taking my entire life from me…IS a CRIME… And the one that will judge IS your biggest fear. You have enslaves the Alien DNA that comes from above …..don’t forget that.

    • Evil CIA monster we can send me as many messages you wish… you can continue trying to make Luis Rueda set me up… So you can get your bloody dirty hands of a criminal that have been committing terrible crimes against humanity… You will come face to face with TRUTH very soon.

  • ELISANsusie

    …NO above the President there not that many secrecy levels…what there IS…IS THE ALIENS…and among the ALIENS there are NO secrecy.

    • amyl29

      ya know what’s funny? all the people they hired to claim they saw ‘ufo’s’ or believe they have, even presidents sayin it. those people know what those were and those aren’t ufo’s. or they know the source shall I say, that’s my guess yet they run with the ufo theory and fool all the pseudo intellectuals who think they’re smart if they believe in science and ufo’s

  • …Mr. President perhaps before you disclose the Alien Agenda- you should disclose the Vatican /Israel/Illuminati agenda that is nothing but a very evil world plan for total control of every human being in this planet. AND they are blaming on the Aliens.