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Early UFO and Alien encounters that seem to be real! No Comments

1271 During a scheduled execution in Tasunokuchi, Kamakura, Japan, a UFO appeared and scared off the populace. According to reports, “There appeared in the sky an object like a full moon,

A killer comet could be heading for Earth! No Comments

Amazing green comet lights up sky Rogue killer comet could be heading for EARTH after mystery meteor shower seen A NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN meteor shower could be a sign that a “potentially dangerous” comet

India says its fighter jets have ‘shot down a UFO’ No Comments

People in the Barmer district of Rajasthan in northwestern India heard mysterious booms and found strange-looking pieces of metal after an Indian Air Force jet shot down an unidentified flying

Indian jet shoots down UFO over Rajasthan No Comments

Residents reported a series of explosions after the UFO was shot down. The incident, which occurred yesterday morning, is already being referred to as 'India's Roswell'. According to the Indian Air Force,