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The tallest abandoned buildings in the world No Comments

The former 'Queen of Memphis': The Sterick Building in Memphis, Tennessee, has been empty since 1986 Formerly known as Crescent City Towers and Crescent City Residences, New Orleans' third tallest building

Strange secret buildings in the Soviet, according to the CIA No Comments

This strange building is the hotel “Friendship”, built during Soviet era, and it was considered by CIA as some strange and secret military meeting place, It was just a hotel!

New ‘stealth’ ship commanded by Captain Kirk No Comments

The USS Zumwalt heading out to sea. The United States Navy has launched its largest ever destroyer under the command of Captain James Kirk. The USS Zumwalt, which measures 600ft in length

The mystery corpse of Saddleworth Moor No Comments

Story re: the police investigation into the mysterious death of a man on Saddleworth Moor, Lancashire, shortly before Christmas last year. Police have been unable to identify the man. Picture