Strange Places

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The haunted castle – Loftus Hall County Wexford No Comments

Loftus Hall is a 22-bedroom period mansion on Hook Peninsula in County Wexford. The isolated house is set on 60 acres, overlooking a lonely stretch of the South East coast.

Lumberjacks Who Felled The Giant Redwood Tree’s No Comments

The three redwood subfamily genera are Sequoia and Sequoiadendron of California and Oregon, USA; and Metasequoia in China. The redwood species contains the largest and tallest trees in the world.

Baalbek – Alien Landing Site No Comments

Baalbek, known as “The Landing Place” to ancient Sumerians. Megalithic ruins from 7,000 B.C. Baalbek (Arabic: ??????) is a town in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, altitude 1,170 metres (3,840 ft),