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Notorious Indiana ‘hell house’ is torn down No Comments

Hell houses are haunted attractions typically run by Christian churches or parachurch organizations. These depict real-life situations, sin, the torments of the damned in Hell, and usually conclude with a

Cyberpolitics in 3 triangles: How to avoid a digital Bermuda Triangle No Comments

How can the Internet remain a great enabler of innovative growth (global public good) and not become a dangerous 'digital Bermuda Triangle' (global public bad)? This important question in digital politics

Strange secret buildings in the Soviet, according to the CIA No Comments

This strange building is the hotel “Friendship”, built during Soviet era, and it was considered by CIA as some strange and secret military meeting place, It was just a hotel!

Ghost Town – Plymouth, Montserrat No Comments

Plymouth Ghost town Plymouth was abandoned in 1997 due to volcanic eruptions. Location of Plymouth within Montserrat Country United Kingdom Overseas territory Montserrat Population (2007)  • Total 0 (City completely evacuated due to volcanic eruption) Time zone Atlantic (UTC-4) Plymouth was the capital of