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Haunted And Mysterious Abandoned Amusement Parks No Comments

Dartmouth, MA, the remains of Lincoln Park’s Comet Roller Coaster Nara Dreamland theme park in Japan Nara Dreamland theme park in Japan Spreepark PlanterWald, Berlin Spreepark PlanterWald, Berlin Takakanonuma Greenland Park,

Elephant is spotted flying over Disneyland No Comments

Have you seen an elephant fly ? Visitors to the popular theme park were amazed to see an elephant flying high above the attractions. In a scene reminiscent of the Disney animated

Greenland’s vanishing lakes mystery solved No Comments

The Greenland ice sheet is continuing to melt. Scientists have found what is causing billions of gallons of water to drain out within a matter of hours. The mystery began almost ten

Martians, Monsters or Methane: Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle Explained No Comments

Many ships and planes have disappeared in mysterious and unusual circumstancesFew areas in the world are as mysterious as the deadly Bermuda Triangle. The area, which is also known as

The Mystery Of  The Georgia Guidestones No Comments

The Georgia Guidestones, sometimes referred to as the "American Stonehenge," is a granite monument erected in Elbert County, Ga., in 1979. The stones are engraved in eight languages — English,