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Venus has buildings! Latest claims No Comments

Space might very well be considered the “final frontier,” but according to alien hunters, intelligent life on Venus includes cities for its inhabitants. A 20-minute Spanish-language video posted to YouTube by

Apollo 11 Mystery – Did bit of ‘Moon break off’ or was it a UFO? No Comments

Moon Mystery! The Apollo moon landings continue to create debate. Now NASA has been unable to explain why a piece of the Moon appears to have broken off in one of

Mars One plans suicide mission to Red Planet for 2023 2 Comments

Win a one way seat to Mars! A company will hold a worldwide lottery next year to select 40 people for a  training team. They will then set up a mock colony

Did the Anthropocene epoch begin in 1950 ? No Comments

Are we living in a new epoch ? Scientists now believe that the Holocene epoch may have come to a close several decades ago. Beginning around 9,700 years ago and encompassing the