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DNA can help to recreate a criminal’s face No Comments

DNA identification techniques have long proven to be an invaluable part of any forensic scientist's toolkit, but while comparing samples of a perpetrator's DNA with those of a possible suspect

Massive Iceberg breaks free! No Comments

  Giant Iceberg breaks free An iceberg twice the size of Manhattan has broken away from the Petermann Glacier in northern Greenland. Images from a Nasa satellite show the island breaking off

Rock containing ‘most complete early human skull ever’ discovered No Comments

For two million years the rock lay  undisturbed, containing a hidden secret and perhaps one of the most important  archeological finds ever. For another few years, the rock lay  undisturbed in

Antarctic mission to find alien life No Comments

National Oceanography Centre's Antarctic mission to find alien life called of, SCIENTISTS searching for undiscovered life forms in an ancient lake beneath the Antarctic have been forced to call off their

All life on Earth combined weighs 50bn tonnes No Comments

Earth's biosphere contains a vast quantity of genetic material. Scientists have calculated how much genetic material there is on Earth and how much space it takes up. The impressive figure was reached