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New risk report warns of future catastrophe No Comments

Intelligent machines could pose a threat in the future. Scientists have warned that world governments are not doing enough to prepare for disaster scenarios. In a new report entitled 'Global Catastrophic Risks',

DNA can help to recreate a criminal’s face No Comments

DNA identification techniques have long proven to be an invaluable part of any forensic scientist's toolkit, but while comparing samples of a perpetrator's DNA with those of a possible suspect

New hospital computer ‘can predict death’ No Comments

Could predictive systems turn up in hospitals around the world ? A remarkable new monitoring computer is so accurate that it can predict when a patient is likely to die. Developed in

Danger of methane explosions on Yamal Peninsula at Bermuda Triangle scientists warn No Comments

More craters expected to form due to such eruptions as permafrost melts - and they ARE caused by global warming releasing methane gas. Scientists from the respected Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum

Massive  Canyon Discovered Beneath Antarctic Ice No Comments

Geologists recently discovered massive canyons and valleys hidden beneath the glaciers of West Antarctica. The largest, the Ellsworth Trough, plunges 2,000 meters (6,561 feet) below sea level. The trough’s valley is