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Strange Things That Happened on Friday the 13th No Comments

  Many people associate Friday the 13th with bad luck and superstitions. Technically, the day is just like any other, with odd events happening on every day. Nonetheless, here's a list of strange events

Strange heists – Brian Wells Robbery, AKA Pizza Bomber No Comments

In 2003 Brian Wells, a pizza delivery man, received a call to deliver a pizza to an address which later proved to be fake. When he arrived at the location,

Did Big Business Make Cannabis Illegal? 20 Comments

Did Big Business Suppress Cannabis? The United States government criminalized marijuana in 1937. Pro-hemp campaigners believe there was a massive plot by industrialists to suppress cannabis because of the threat the

The strange legend of the Hawkesbury River Monster No Comments

The Legend of the Hawkesbury River Monster There have been reports are far back as the ancient art of the Dharuk tribal Aborigines of NSW of a mysterious water monster. Legend