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8 million dog mummies unearthed in Egypt 2 Comments

The ancient Egyptian jackal-headed god of death Anubis was worshipped by huge numbers of people. Researchers excavating catacombs near the historic site of Saqqara in Egypt have revealed that the site

Crime: America’s first bank robbery No Comments

The Bank of Pennsylvania Heist is usually billed as America’s first bank robbery. It occurred in late August 1798 at the Bank of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Today, it’s better remembered

Historical Heists – Butch Cassidy, 1889, $20,000 stolen No Comments

Everyone remembers the old time gangsters! but how much did they get away with ? Butch Cassidy’s run-ins with the law were not limited to bank robbery. Throughout his career Cassidy made

‘UFO’ at the bottom of the Baltic Sea No Comments

Object is  raised about 10 to 13ft above seabed and curved at the sides like a  mushroom Hole is  surrounded by an strange rock formation that expedition team can not  explain Stones