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Who as really flying the planes on 9/11? No Comments

Hours after the 9/11 attacks, authorities began to find clues conveniently left for them to stumble upon. The Boston Globe reported that a copy of the Koran, instructions on how

The Biggest 9/11 Coincidences No Comments

WAR GAMES ON 9/11 (AND THE LONDON BOMBINGS) Were the hijackers lucky on 9/11... or had an insider tipped them off? That morning, the majority of the eastern air defense of

The transhumanist conspiracy No Comments

In "TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction", Bilderberg Group expert Daniel Estulin explores the links between the British government’s 2006 document Strategic Trends 2007-2036 and the mysterious gathering of

The Great Global Warming Swindle No Comments

  In this controversial film, we see an argument against the majority scientific consensus that global warming is man made.  This film sparked outrage in the scientific community as well as

Biggest Conspiracy Theories proved true! No Comments

What follows are some of the most shocking modern conspiracy  theories that turned out true after thorough investigation by our  society.  Some through congressional hearings, others through  investigative journalism.  Many

Astronauts Encounter Alien Ships No Comments

Astronauts Encounter Alien Ships: One of the first reported astronaut encounters with alien ships occurred during the Apollo 11 mission, according to distinguished author Timothy Good. In his book, "Above Top