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Are Alien Artifacts in Our Solar System? No Comments

The above unknown visitor came from deep space. It passed nearly as close to the Earth as the moon on May 21st. Its spectrum didn't match any known asteroid. At

Are these strange unexplained pictures proof of Aliens? No Comments

This photograph of a UFO was captured by a military pilot on June 18th, 1979 over Treviso Airbase Italy. It remains unexplained, and is considered one of Italy’s most famous

The UFO Files: Tony Blair briefed on alien defence policy 2 Comments

The British Government have confirmed Alien contact briefings have taken place. Tony Blair was so concerned about the disclosure of classified information on   extra-terrestrials when he was Prime Minister he received

Aliens on earth can find life  ! easy! No Comments

Aliens could find life on earth by looking at the moon. New detection method could help spot signs of life on exoplanets. So many exoplanets may hold water, atmospheres, just-right temperatures

2013 – Alien Contact date ? 37 Comments

2013 - Alien Contact proof ? Its a good job the world did not end as the Mayan doomsday believers had claimed! - especially as we have now found evidence for

Most Plausible Alien Encounters No Comments

Here are some of the most plausible alien encounters to date. Christopher Columbus UFO Sighting In 1492, as Christopher Columbus sailed across the sea on the Santa Maria in search of America,