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Best Alien Evidence – NASA missions No Comments

1976, The Viking Mars landers detect chemical signatures indicative of life Tests performed on Martian soil samples by NASA's Viking landers hinted at chemical evidence of life. One experiment mixed soil

Are There Aliens On Mars? 20 Comments

The debate about whether extraterrestrial life on mars could actually exist has going on for decades. With water being discovered on Mars earlier this year, could life exist on the

UFO hunters claim ‘floating cigar’ hovering in the sky No Comments

A snowboarder has captured a mysterious cigar-shaped object floating in the sky on his Go Pro – and it’s sent UFO enthusiasts into overdrive. YouTube user Shreds1620 filmed himself using a

Did President Eisenhower meet with aliens? No Comments

President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former Pentagon consultant claims Ex-President met with extra-terrestrials on three separate occasions at New Mexico air base Eisenhower and FBI officials organised the meetings

Extragalactic’ radio waves a mystery, scientists say alien life forms could be responsible! No Comments

SCIENTISTS are investigating unexplainable bursts of radio waves that could be messages from alien life forms, after an Australian team stumbled upon the phenomenon. Ten of the bizarre flashes have been