Mannequin woman – A Strange Love Story No Comments

We often misspelt Mannequin  as manequin. Mannequin is a dummy used to display clothes in a shop window. Real life Mannequin Story: Ronald Dotson’s first run-in with the law happened in 1993 when

Real ‘Vampire’ skeletons found in Bulgaria near Black Sea No Comments

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have found two medieval skeletons pierced through the chest with iron rods to supposedly stop them from turning into vampires. The discovery illustrates a pagan practice common in

The Mystery of the Munich Nazi Art Trove No Comments

Historic Police Raid In February 2012, German authorities raided the apartment of 75-year-old collector Cornelius Gurlitt and seized 1,406 works of art, a spectacular trove with a value that has yet

The shocking true story of Issei Sagawa No Comments

Sagawa, a Sorbonne student in the ‘80s, noticed a pretty young Nordic classmate of his and then one day thought, “I wonder if I could eat her.” He went on