Legends of Australia will give you the creeps No Comments

Building the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia was a dangerous business with 16 official deaths recorded — and three more mysteriously hushed up, according to this urban legend. The tale goes

Mona Lisa’s Skeleton Found? No Comments

Archaeologists say they have found a complete skeleton buried beneath the floor of an abandoned nunnery in Florence, Italy, which might belong to Lisa Gherardini, the woman believed to have

The very strange case of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B Cumpston No Comments

A very strange case indeed was featured in the Bristol Daily Post and the London Times in December 1873. On December 8th Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B Cumpston arrived in Brstol

Danger of methane explosions on Yamal Peninsula at Bermuda Triangle scientists warn No Comments

More craters expected to form due to such eruptions as permafrost melts - and they ARE caused by global warming releasing methane gas. Scientists from the respected Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum

Mystery “Roar” In Eastern PA Town No Comments

It would surprise me if there were someone out there who hasn’t heard of the ongoing “strange sounds” incidents happening all over the globe. Actually, there has been a noticeable lull