Strange and disturbing secrets of the Moscow Metro No Comments

People have been hiding things beneath Moscow for centuries: Byzantine libraries, Ivan the Terrible’s secret torture chamber, and Catherine the Great’s underground canal network. So it’s unsurprising that Stalin got

Another Unsolved Mystery At Dortmund Zoo No Comments

Penguin’s Death Is Latest Unsolved Mystery to Hit Dortmund Zoo MAINZ, Germany — The unexplained death of a Humboldt penguin has prompted police to open an investigation into the zoo animal’s

AJT Hawk crashed in India’s Bermuda Triangle No Comments

According to military historians, at least a dozen aircraft have crashed in the small triangle formed by Piardoba (Bankura) in West Bengal, Chakulia in Jharkhand and Amarda Road Airfield in Odisha. KOLKATA: The AJT Hawk from Air Force Station Kalaikunda