Is Arunachal’s weather making it a second Bermuda triangle? No Comments

Itanagar: A mystery waits to be unravelled in Arunachal Pradesh! The baffling geographical location and rough terrain of this state has been a nightmare for air dwellers. According to an Asian

Mysterious ‘fairy circles’ found in Australia No Comments

What creates these mysterious circles ? Strange circular, grass-ringed patches have been discovered over hundreds of square kilometers. The phenomenon, which was previously thought to be exclusive to the deserts of Namibia,

Haunted And Mysterious Abandoned Amusement Parks No Comments

Dartmouth, MA, the remains of Lincoln Park’s Comet Roller Coaster Nara Dreamland theme park in Japan Nara Dreamland theme park in Japan Spreepark PlanterWald, Berlin Spreepark PlanterWald, Berlin Takakanonuma Greenland Park,

New ‘stealth’ ship commanded by Captain Kirk No Comments

The USS Zumwalt heading out to sea. The United States Navy has launched its largest ever destroyer under the command of Captain James Kirk. The USS Zumwalt, which measures 600ft in length

The haunted and abandoned town of Al Jazirah Al Hamra No Comments

Mysterious Ghost Town The abandoned fishing village of Al Jazirah Al Hamra is located on the northeastern tip of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Before the oil boom in the 1960s,