Real Ghost Story – Hotel del Coronado No Comments

Hotel del Coronado The Hotel del Coronado is a stunning Victorian beachfront resort hotel in the very southern California city of Coronado, just south of San Diego. It was only

The true story of Bachelor’s Grove, The Haunted Cemetery No Comments

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is a small, one-acre plot near the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, southwestern suburb of Midlothian also famous as one of the Chicago area’s most haunted sites, with

The very strange case of Emilie Sagee No Comments

A doppelgänger or doppelganger is a paranormal double of a living person Emilie Sagee never saw her doppelganger. Everyone else did, though. Sagee worked in an exclusive girls’ school. She was a

The strange mystery of The Cheltenham Haunting No Comments

For more than 90 years, a house in Cheltenham called the Donore House (now St. Anne) which was built for Henry Swinhoe in 1860 was the site of a haunting

Real Ghost Story – Ghosts of the Stanley Hotel No Comments

Ghosts of the Stanley Hotel If you where staying at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado and turned to channel 42 of your guest-room television, you would be watching

The real haunting of Eastern State Penitentiary No Comments

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Eastern State Penitentiary has become a favorite destination for ghost hunters as well as the public at large since it has been opened to tours. Built in

Very well behaved ghost of Viman Nagar Gangapuram society No Comments

In Viman Nagar Gangapuram society, one can hardly imagine as haunted. It is really not so called haunted. Though in some incidents people get panicked various times. But the ghost