The haunting of Waverly Hills Sanatorium No Comments

The original Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a two-story wooden structure, was opened in 1910, but the larger brick and concrete structure as it stand today was completed in 1926. The hospital

11 Haunted Railway Stations In The World That’ll Spook The Pants Off You No Comments

Have you ever stepped onto a deserted railway station platform anytime during the night?  Rest assured, the experience can be quite scary. Now imagine the fright if this descent of yours

Brown Lady Ghost – The Famous picture investigated No Comments

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is probably the most famous and most widely used reported ghost photo there is. According to legend, the "Brown Lady

Very well behaved ghost of Viman Nagar Gangapuram society No Comments

In Viman Nagar Gangapuram society, one can hardly imagine as haunted. It is really not so called haunted. Though in some incidents people get panicked various times. But the ghost

Ghost Ships – The biggest gathering of ships in maritime history! No Comments

The biggest and most secretive gathering of Ghost Ships in maritime history lies at anchor east of Singapore. Never before photographed, it is bigger than the U.S. and British navies

The very strange case of Emilie Sagee No Comments

A doppelgänger or doppelganger is a paranormal double of a living person Emilie Sagee never saw her doppelganger. Everyone else did, though. Sagee worked in an exclusive girls’ school. She was a