The strange case of Rudolph Fentz 7 Comments

The real Rudolph Fentz The story: In 1950, a man with mutton chop sideburns and Victorian-era duds popped up in Times Square. Witnesses said he looked startled, and then a minute

Strange heists – Brian Wells Robbery, AKA Pizza Bomber No Comments

In 2003 Brian Wells, a pizza delivery man, received a call to deliver a pizza to an address which later proved to be fake. When he arrived at the location,

Real ‘Vampire’ skeletons found in Bulgaria near Black Sea No Comments

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have found two medieval skeletons pierced through the chest with iron rods to supposedly stop them from turning into vampires. The discovery illustrates a pagan practice common in

Real Ghost Story – Hotel del Coronado No Comments

Hotel del Coronado The Hotel del Coronado is a stunning Victorian beachfront resort hotel in the very southern California city of Coronado, just south of San Diego. It was only

The deserted streets of Pripyat – the most famous nuclear ghost town No Comments

Pripyat При́п'ять City of regional significance Pripyat Pripyat Coordinates: 51°24′17″N 30°03′25″E Country  Ukraine Oblast Kyiv Oblast Raion Chernobyl Raion (1923–1988) Founded 4 February 1970 City rights 1979 Government  • Administration State Agency of Ukraine on the Exclusion Zone Management Population (2015)  • Total 0 Time zone EET (UTC+2)  • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3) Postal code none (formerly 01196) Area code(s) +380 4499 Pripyat