Pensioner photographs Close Encounter UFO No Comments

In ufology, a close encounter is an event in which a person witnesses an unidentified flying object. This terminology and the system of classification behind it was started by astronomer

Have UFOs been monitoring nuclear sites ? No Comments

UFOs were sighted near nuclear facilities during the Cold War. For decades, military personnel at US atomic weapon sites have reported sightings of strange objects. UFO researcher and author Robert Hastings has

Operation Saucer sought UFOs in the 1970s No Comments

Operation Saucer was the first operation by the FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira) focused mainly on UFOs, from an event that occurred, known as the Colares UFO Flap. It was carried out

Italy – flying diamond-shaped UFO sighted

UFO seen in Italy This week Italy appears to have been visited by a UFO. The witnesses reportedly believe that they saw an Extraterrestrial entity. "Both Saturday 8 and Sunday, September 9,

Woman films UFO over Detroit neighborhood No Comments

The sighting took place over the city earlier this month. Vanessa Oliver had already witnessed the object several times before finally recording it on her phone. Filmed on June 3 outside her