Unexplained Mystery – The beast of Bodmin Moor No Comments

The Beast of Bodmin is a black panther-like creature that is believed to inhabit Bodmin Moor. There have been about 60 sightings recorded in the area since 1983 and experts

Is there a Bermuda Triangle connection to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane? No Comments

Image: kenny1/Shutterstock As officials from several countries, and dozens of planes and boats, scour the South China Sea and the Bay of Bengal for the mysteriously missing China-bound Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Lost Treasure – NAZI gold and treasures No Comments

The missing NAZI Gold - the truth     Deep in the Austrian Alps early one morning in 1945, Ida Weisenbacher answered a knock at her door. The 21-year-old Austrian farm girl found

The strange mystery of the Sarah Joe No Comments

On February 19, 1979, five men from the Hawaiian island of Maui – Benjamin Kalama, Ralph Malaiakini, Scott Moorman, Patrick Woesner, and Peter Hanchett—went on a fishing trip on a

Mystery surrounds ‘mummified’ body of adventurer found in abandoned yacht! No Comments

Mystery of the man missing since 2009 The “mummified” body of a round-the-world German sailor has been found slumped on his “ghost yacht” next to the radio telephone after he apparently