The strange killer clown craze sweeps across Europe No Comments

Europe is currently in thrall to a ‘killer clown’ craze which is seeing hundreds of people dressing as sinister circus performers before scaring unsuspecting members of the public. Sightings have ranged

Did MI6 Murder Princess Diana? 20 Comments

Since 1997 it has been claimed that there was an orchestrated criminal conspiracy to end the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. Official investigations found that she died in a

Murder Of Pai Hsiao-yen No Comments

  Pai Hsiao-yen Born Pai Hsiao-yen 23 June 1980 Died 20 April 1997 (aged 16) Taipei County, Republic of China Nationality  Republic of China (Taiwan) Ethnicity Taiwanese Japanese Citizenship  Republic of China (Taiwan) Education Hsing Wu High School Parent(s) Ikki Kajiwara (father) Pai Ping-ping (mother)   Pai Hsiao-yen (traditional Chinese: 白曉燕; simplified Chinese:

The shocking Bodies in the Barrels murders – 1992-1999 No Comments

The Snowtown murders (also known as the bodies in the barrels murders) was a shocking series of homicides committed by John Bunting, Robert Wagner, and James Vlassakis between August 1992

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito murder verdict: live GUILTY No Comments

Follow the latest as a Florence court prepares to give its verdict on the re-trial of Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito over the murder of British student